Find out what you need to know about providing evidence

When applying for undergraduate student finance, students, parent(s) or partners may be asked to provide evidence.

You should only give us evidence if we ask you to. Providing evidence we don’t need will slow down the progress of the application.

How to provide evidence

The easiest and quickest way to provide evidence is by uploading a digital copy to your online account.

You should also make sure you check ‘your actions to complete’ to find out exactly what we’ll need from you. If 'your actions to complete’ aren’t showing, this means you have no actions.

Check out our step-by-step guide on how to upload evidence to your online account!

If you need to provide evidence of your identity

When you apply for the first time, you’ll need to provide details or evidence to confirm your identity. You can do this by entering your valid UK passport details when you apply.

You don’t need to send us your original passport or upload a copy to your online account as this will delay your application.

If you don’t have a valid UK passport, we have a list of other types of evidence that you can provide and you’ll need to post to us.

We also have separate information on identity evidence if you're applying for tuition fee only funding.

If you’re applying for extra support

You may need to provide evidence if you’re applying for extra support. Please follow the instructions in 'your actions to complete’ in your online account.

Follow the instructions on your online account and only provide the evidence you have selected.

Find out about the different types of evidence we accept for Dependants’ Grants and Disabled Students’ Allowance:

If you’re a parent or partner

Submitting information that’s not required means it will take longer to process your child or partner’s application and cause a significant delay to them receiving their student finance.

You don’t need to upload any evidence, especially not P60s, unless we ask for it.

If you've already uploaded a P60 when you weren’t asked for one, you should now provide your financial details online or complete a PFF2 form (Download PDF 355KB, opens in a new tab)

Visit our dedicated page for more information on how to fill in your details and submit evidence.