Cost of living - student finance support

We know you and other people in your household might be under extra pressure at the moment, due to the rising cost of living. Here’s how to make sure you’re getting the maximum student finance support you’re entitled to and where you can find extra support during your studies. This information is for full-time undergraduate students.

Get the maximum amount of funding you’re entitled to

Tuition Fee Loan

You could get up to £9,250 a year to help with tuition fees, depending on how much your course costs. We pay this loan directly to your university or college. You don't have to start paying it back until you've finished or left your course.

If you didn’t originally apply for your maximum loan entitlement, you can now by filling in the ‘tuition fee loan request form’.

Help with living costs

You could get a mixture of Maintenance Loan and Grant to help with your living costs.

The balance between how much loan you get, and how much grant you can get depends on your household income and where you live and study.

You don't have to start paying back any loan until you've finished or left your course. Your grant doesn’t need to be paid back.

Find out how much student finance you could be entitled to on our what’s available page.

Apply for the maximum amount using your household income

If you’ve not given us your household income and have only applied for the minimum amount of Maintenance Grant, there’s still time to get more if you’re eligible!

Check out how to give us details of your household income.

Get more grant if your household income has dropped

You could be eligible for a higher amount of grant than loan if your household income has dropped this tax year.

Check out if you’re eligible for a current year income assessment and find out how to apply.

Get more if you’re now living away from your parental home

If you live away from home for most of the academic year, this could affect your loan to grant balance.

It’s important you keep us up to date on where you’re living. That way, we’re able to make sure you’re getting everything you’re entitled to.

Find out how much you can get based on your living location on our what’s available page.

Remember to tell us if your circumstances change

Tell us if:

  • you change your address
  • your household income has dropped
  • you want to change the amount of loan you asked for

Some of these changes might affect how much Maintenance Loan or Grant you’re getting.

So, tell us about any change in your circumstances to make sure you’re getting everything you’re entitled to.

Grants, bursaries and extra help

Extra help

We have grants available if you have:

  • children or dependant adults
  • a disability
  • a long-term health condition
  • a mental-health condition
  • a learning difficulty

If you have children or dependent adults, you can apply for:

If you have a disability, long-term health condition, mental-health condition or specific learning difficulty (such as dyslexia), you can apply for Disabled Students’ Allowance.

Once your application has been approved, any funding you’re entitled to will be back dated to the start of your course.

Bursaries, scholarships and grants

Speak to your university or college money advice service to find out if you’re eligible for extra money. Each university and college has its own rules about bursaries, scholarships, grants and awards, so ask if you can get any help. Many universities and colleges also have hardship funds that students can apply for.

You might be able to access additional bursaries, scholarships and grants through other organisations or charities. Save the Student has a list of the best places to find additional support (opens in a new tab).

Additional resources and support

There are other organisations that offer helpful tips and support. Student Finance Wales is not responsible for any of the content on these websites. Check out:

Some UK student bank accounts come with extra benefits. Check the Money Saving Expert guide (opens in a new tab) for the best student bank deals.

Check out what discounts are available for students including retail, travel and council tax. You can find deals on the UCAS student discounts page (opens in a new tab).