Postgraduate Master’s Finance

If you’re starting a full-time or part-time Postgraduate Master’s course (taught or research based) from 1 August 2019, you can apply for Postgraduate Master's Finance and receive up to £17,000 as a combination of grant and loan:

- a maximum grant of £6,885 and loan of £10,115 if your household income is £18,370 and below

- a grant of £1,000 and loan of £16,000 if your household income is not taken into account or is above £59,200.

If your household income is between £18,370 and £59,200, you can still apply for Postgraduate Master’s Finance with your household income taken into account. You will receive some grant and the rest of your entitlement as loan depending on your household income.

This can be used as a contribution towards your course and living costs.

Postgraduate Master’s Loans are charged interest from the first day the money is paid to you. You will be eligible to make repayment the April after you have finished or left the course.

To find out more about repayment, go to

If your course starts before 1 August 2019 you will need to apply for a Postgraduate Master’s Loan

Find out about finance available from 1 August 2019:

Thinking of starting a Postgraduate Master's course this year? Watch our films now to find out what you can get, how to apply and what, when and how you'll repay.

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