Student finance information for mature students

You can apply for student finance as a mature student. Find out what funding is available and how to apply.

What’s available?

You can apply for Tuition Fee Loans and Maintenance Loans for living costs. We also offer extra support if you have children or an adult who depends on you financially, or you have a disability, a long-term health condition, mental health condition, or specific learning difficulty.

What happens if you apply near the start of your course?

Apply for student finance as soon as you can

It’s important to apply for student finance as soon as possible. The quicker you apply, the sooner we can assess your application and pay you.

To make sure you have funding in place near the start of your course we’ll award your full amount of Maintenance Loan and Grant. The amount of funding allocated to Maintenance Loan and Grant will likely change once we fully assess your household income details. You don’t need to call us, this is normal.

Applying for funding based on household income

If you’re over 25, you’ll be considered an independent student.

You can also be considered independent if you’re under 25 and:

  • care for a child
  • have supported yourself financially for three years before your course starts
  • you’re a care leaver or you’re estranged from your parents
  • you have been married or in a civil partnership at any time before the start of your course

How much funding you’ll get as an independent student depends on your own circumstances and household income.

If you’re married, in a civil partnership or living with a partner, we’ll ask for details of your partner’s income as part of the application process.

The rules are different if you're under 25. Find out more about how household income affects your funding.

Applying for extra help

There’s extra help available if you’re a student with children or dependent adults, or if you have a disability, long-term health condition, mental health condition or learning difficulty.

Students with children or dependent adults can apply for:

If you’re eligible for extra financial help, this will be awarded once we’ve assessed the household income part of your application. So, it might not be in place until after the start of your course.

These applications can take a bit longer to process, which means by applying late you might need to self-fund things like childcare at the start of your course. Once your application has been approved, any extra funding will be backdated.