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Tuition Fee Support

You could get a Tuition Fee Loan of up to £9,250 if you’re studying at an eligible university or college in the UK.

There are no restrictions on how much private universities and colleges in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland or Approved registered providers in England can charge for fees.

If you're not sure if a course qualifies for student finance, check with the university or college.

Support available in 2021/22

Maximum Tuition Fee Loan available

Studying at a public university or college in Wales


Studying at a public university or college in England, Northern Ireland or Scotland


Studying at a private university or college in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland


Studying at a registered provider in England


Interest on your Tuition Fee Loan

You’ll be charged interest on your Tuition Fee Loan from the first day the money is paid to your university or college until the loan is repaid in full or cancelled.

You can find out what interest you'll be charged at

How is it paid?

The Tuition Fee Loan is paid directly to your university or college.

Anything else you should know?

The Tuition Fee Loan isn't income assessed, which means that your entitlement doesn’t depend on your household income.

If you withdraw from university or college after attending on the first day of term, you may be liable to pay some of your fees. If you need to discuss this further, contact your university or college.

If you have served four years or more in the armed forces and are leaving, you may be eligible for fee support under the Enhanced Learning Credit scheme. For further information visit

Tuition Fee Loan Request Form

If you’ve already applied for student finance, the quickest and easiest way to change the amount of Tuition Fee Loan you want to borrow is to log in to your online account

Alternatively you can complete and return this form.

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