Stage 4: During your studies
Postgraduate Doctoral courses

Changes to your information or circumstances

Changes you must tell us about

You need to let us know if:

  • you change your address
  • your course, university or college changes
  • you leave your course
  • you change your name or marital status

Need to update us with a change to your information?

You can use your online account to change your personal details, for example your bank details or your contact details.

You need to send us a form to change any other details, for example your university or course:

If you leave or suspend your course

You need to contact us and get your university or college to tell us as well.

We’ll stop any future payments and work out how much student finance you’re entitled to. This means you might have been paid too much student finance and have to pay some of it back before you’re earning over the repayment threshold.

If you suspend your course because of an illness, you may be able to receive continued student finance payments for an extra 60 days. Your university will need to notify us that your suspension is related to an illness. You may also be asked to submit evidence of this.

You can claim for Financial Hardship support if you’ve had a reassessment of your entitlement and the change will put you at a financial disadvantage. You may be able to receive continued student finance payments during your period of suspension.

If you want to change the amount of loan you’ve asked for