Finance for postgraduate Doctoral courses

Your student finance journey

Find out what to expect on your student finance journey. Learn about the different stages, from before you apply to making your last repayment.

Stage 1

Before you apply

Find out what types of student finance are available and who can get it.

What's available

Most students starting a full-time or part-time postgraduate Doctoral course can apply for a Postgraduate Doctoral Loan.

You might also be able to get extra help on top of this, if you have a disability.

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Who qualifies

Whether you can get Postgraduate Doctoral Loan depends on your nationality, residency status, course and previous study.

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Stage 2

Making an application

Find out how to apply for student finance, what evidence you may need to provide and how we calculate how much student finance you can get.

How and when to apply

Find out the easiest way to apply and when the application deadline is.

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Proving your identity

We might need you to send us evidence, find out what you may be asked for and how to send it.

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Stage 3

Getting your student finance

Find out how you’ll be paid your student finance once your application has been approved.

Your Notification of Entitlement letter

This letter confirms you what you're getting and when.

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Stage 4

During your studies

If your circumstances change during the academic year, you’ll need to update your application. Changing your application may affect how much student finance you can get.

Changes to your information or circumstances

Find out how to keep your account up to date and what changes you need to tell us about.

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Reassessment of your entitlement

A reassessment is when we recalculate your student finance entitlement (how much you can get).

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Stage 5

After you've finished or left your course

Find out how and when you’ll start repaying your loan.

Repaying your loan

Find out how repayment works by reading our detailed online guide.

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