Published: 23 April 2023 · Last updated: 23 April 2023

It’s time to apply for postgraduate student finance!

Our applications for Postgraduate Master’s Finance and Postgraduate Doctoral Loans for 2023 to 2024 are now open!

The easiest way to apply is online – sign in to your account (opens in a new tab) now.

It’s important that you apply as soon as possible, so don’t waste time! Apply now (opens in a new tab) or you might not get paid in time for the start of your course.

Find out what funding is available in 2023 to 2024

Visit our pages to find out how to apply, how much you can get and extra help that’s available for students with a disability. Check out our Postgraduate Master’s Finance (opens in a new tab) and Postgraduate Doctoral Loan (opens in a new tab) explained films for more information.


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