Stage 3: What happens after you apply
Welsh Government Learning Grant, funding for Further Education

Getting your WGLG payments

Your award letter

We’ll send you a provisional award letter to confirm your application has been successful.

Your school or college will tell us if your course is eligible for funding, and you will need to sign a WGLG FE Learning Agreement. Your school or college will confirm when this is done. We’ll then send you a final award letter.

This letter will:

  • confirm your course is eligible and your application has been approved
  • tell you your payment amounts for each term
  • confirm your date of birth and school or college
  • remind you to contact us if anything changes

Your WGLG FE Learning Agreement

This is an agreement between you and your school or college. It outlines attendance criteria for you to get your WGLG FE payments.

You should sign this as soon as you are able to, and no later than 12 months after your course start date.

If you have any circumstances that may affect your attendance, you should speak to your school or college. They should be able to explain what type of absences will stop you from getting paid your WGLG.

Getting paid

You will receive payments three times a year after your school or college has confirmed your attendance.

Your WGLG FE payments will be made directly into a bank account in your name. You should make sure you’ve given us your correct bank details. If you’ve sent the right evidence, payments can be made to a third party.