Stage 3: Getting your EMA payments
Education Maintenance Allowance, funding for Further Education

Getting your payments

Your award letter

We’ll send you an award letter to confirm that your application has been successful and you’re eligible to get Education Maintenance Allowance.

Your letter will:

  • confirm your award and where you’re studying
  • let you know what you need to do to get your payments
  • remind you to contact us if anything changes.

Your EMA Agreement

This is an agreement between you and your school or college. It outlines attendance criteria for you to get your EMA payments. You should sign this when you start your course.

If you sign this within the first 13 weeks, you will get backdated payments to the start of your course.

If you sign this after 13 weeks of starting your course, you will get payments from the first Monday after we got your application.

Getting paid

After signing your EMA Agreement, your school or college will confirm that you’ve been in attendance. As long as you meet the terms agreed with your school or college, you will get your payments every two weeks.

Your EMA payments will be made directly into a bank account in your name. You should make sure you’ve given us your correct bank details.

If you’ve sent the right evidence, payments can be made to a third party.