Part-time 2019/20 - What Financial Support is Available?

If you are an EU student who started a course on or after 1 September 2014, you can apply for financial help to cover the cost of your tuition fees.

Tuition Fee Loan

You can get a Tuition Fee Loan of up to £2,625 to cover the fees charged by your university or college. This is paid directly to them.

How much you can get is not based on your household income but you must be studying at a course intensity of 25% or more to get a Tuition Fee Loan. Course intensity is how long the course takes to complete compared with an equivalent full-time course. If you are not sure what your course intensity is, speak to your university or college.

If the tuition fee charged by your university or college is more than the Tuition Fee Loan available, you will have to pay the difference yourself. Private universities and colleges can set their own tuition fee level and there is no restriction on the amount they can charge. A course at a private university or college needs to have been specifically designated by the Welsh Government for you to be able to get student finance.

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