Parents’ Learning Allowance

Parents’ Learning Allowance (PLA) is extra help intended to cover some of the additional costs incurred if you have children.

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How much can you get?

The maximum amount you get for Parents' Learning Allowance is £1,167.75 per year. This doesn’t need to be paid back unless you’ve been overpaid. You can only apply for Parents’ Learning Allowance if you have one or more children that are financially dependent on you, regardless of their age.

The amount available to you depends on your income, that of your partner, children and any other dependants.

Course intensity:Maximum Parents' Learning Allowance available:





75% or more


How’s it paid?

Parents’ Learning Allowance is paid directly into your bank account each term.
Before your first payment is made, you’ll need to make sure your university or college complete section 3 of the Part-Time Grants for Dependants (PTGFD) form when you start. Return this and your first payment will be made after the form has been processed.

How to apply?

You need to complete two steps to get Parents’ Learning Allowance.

Step 1 – Complete the main part-time application

The quickest and simplest way to apply is online.

  1. If you don’t already have a Student Finance account, you’ll need to create an account
  2. Login to your Student Finance account and submit your application
  3. Provide us with any necessary evidence
  4. Sign and return the Online Declaration Form

Although we recommend applying online, we still have a paper application available if you need one. Visit our Useful forms page to download forms and guidance notes.

Step 2 – Complete the Part-time Grants for Dependants form

Section 3 of this form must be completed by your university or college when you start your course.

You only need to complete this form once, to be assessed for both Parents’ Learning Allowance and Adult Dependant's Grant. It must also be completed if you intend to apply for support with childcare costs.

Where to send your application

You should send all forms and supporting documentation to Student Finance Wales.

Grant overpayments

The Parents’ Learning Allowance Grant doesn’t need to be paid back unless you’ve been overpaid. This can happen if you leave your course, overestimate your financial commitments or there’s a change in your circumstances which results in an overpayment.

If you've been overpaid:

  • during your studies – then any grant overpayment will be deducted from your future grant instalments.
  • after your studies – then you’ll need to repay the overpaid amount of the grant. We’ll contact you to arrange repayment.

Evidence of your child dependants

We’ll need to have one piece of evidence for each of the following:

  • Evidence of your child dependants
    • original birth certificate for each child
    • original certificate of Naturalisation for each child
    • original Home Office documentation confirming your children's names and dates of birth.
  • Proof your children are dependent on you
    • your most recent Tax Credits or Universal Credit Award Notice naming all your children; or
    • all pages of your most recent Child Benefit letter naming all children.

This same evidence will also be used if you’re claiming the Childcare Grant.

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