Stage 2: Making an application
Part-time undergraduate, Welsh students

Evidence you'll need

Proving your identity

If you have a valid UK passport

You can confirm your identity by entering your valid UK passport details when you apply. You do not need to send us your original passport.

You can also send us a UK passport details form:

If you do not have a valid UK passport

If you have been granted a status under the EU Settlement Scheme you need to provide us with a share code to prove your immigration and identity status, you do not need to send us a passport.

If you have not been granted a status under the EU Settlement Scheme then you should send us your original UK birth or adoption certificate or original non-UK passport or identity card. Make sure you include your name and address.

The evidence you give must be the original document. This means it must be the version issued by the organisation who gave it to you. We cannot accept photocopies of documents.
Any original ID documents you send will be returned to you up to 8 weeks after we’ve received them.

You should allow for 8 weeks before we return your documents when booking travel during this period. We cannot guarantee that these will be returned earlier. If you’ve booked travel and are travelling during this time, do not send your passport or ID card. Send your documents after you return.

Other evidence you might be asked to provide

Check we have everything we need to fully assess your application

We will not be able to confirm your eligibility for student finance or pay you without it.

Go to your student finance account

The best way to check the progress of your application or to find out if you have any outstanding actions is to sign into your student finance account.

If you're going to call us about the status of your application it's always a good idea to check your account first.

Send any information or evidence we've asked for

Do this as soon as possible. If you've been asked to download a form to send us - fully complete it, include any evidence and do not forget to sign and date it.