Expecting your first student finance payment? We’ve got you covered!

If you’re starting or returning to a course soon, you’ll be looking forward to your first student finance payment. You can check your payment schedule and status by signing in to your online account.

Follow these easy steps to help you get paid on time

  1. Make sure you’ve submitted your application and provided any evidence we need. Sign in to your online account to check if we’ve asked for anything.
  2. Check your bank details are correct in your online account. If you need to update them, make sure to do this at least 4 days before your payment date.
  3. Register on your course. You might be able to do this online through your university or college’s website.

Watch our ‘Getting paid’ film for more information.

If you’re waiting for your first payment

While you’re waiting on your first payment you can view your payment schedule and status in your online account.

Find out what your payment status means:

Payment status

What this means for you

Awaiting confirmation

We’ll submit your payment once your uni or college has confirmed you’ve registered on your course. You might be able to register online with your uni or college.


Awaiting payment details

You need to give us your National Insurance number or bank details.

Verifying payment details

We’re checking your National Insurance number. This can take up to 2 weeks.


You’ll be paid on the dates shown on your online account

Payment in progress

The payment has been submitted and should reach your bank account within 5 days.


We could be missing your bank details or we might be checking your National Insurance number with HMRC. It can take up to 2 weeks for the check to be carried out.




Your payment was unsuccessful and your bank has returned the money to us. Check your bank details are correct in your online account.


If you’re studying from home

Because of COVID-19, you may be studying your course online rather than attending classes on campus at university or college. Don’t worry, you’ll still be paid as normal. Remember, you still need to register on your course before we can pay you!

You also need to make sure you’ve given us the correct details about where you’ll be living during term time. If your plans have changed and you’ll now be living at home with parents, you need to update your application in your online account. This also applies if you were supposed to be studying abroad but will now be studying online with your overseas provider.

If you don’t update your details, you could be overpaid and need to repay any extra student finance you receive.


If you applied after the deadline

This year the deadline to apply for student finance was:

  • 15 May for new students
  • 30 June for returning students

If you applied after the deadline, don’t worry! You should still receive some money near the start of course, as long as you’ve provided any evidence we need and your application is approved.

If you applied after the deadline for student finance based on your household income, you may receive a smaller payment to begin with. Make sure your parent(s) or partner has provided their income details so we can re-assess your entitlement and top up your first payment as soon as possible.


If your parent(s) or partner is supporting your application

To make sure you get the full amount of student finance you’re entitled to, your parent(s) or partner may need to support your application by providing their income details. They can support your application through their own online account, they should check their account regularly in case we’ve asked them to provide more information.

Find out more about how your parent(s) or partner can support your application.

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