Consent to Share

Our contact centres have partially re-opened

Following a temporary closure to help our staff adapt to new ways of working, we’re glad to inform you that our customer contact centres have partially re-opened. However, we expect our telephone lines to be very busy as we have a reduced number of staff available. We’ll continue working to restore more of our services over the coming weeks.

You can visit our Contact us page for information on telephone numbers and opening times. Currently, we’re prioritising urgent student finance cases and we ask that you only call for urgent matters, you should not call for general queries.

Before you call you should read our Frequently Asked Questions for prospective studentscurrent students and repayment customers. You can also contact us on Twitter and Facebook.

Student Finance Wales cannot discuss any aspect of a student’s account or application with anyone other than the student without the student’s permission.

This includes the parents or partner of a student, a legal representative or someone from their university or college.

However, many students find it useful to occasionally allow another person to call us on their behalf.

What is consent to share?

Consent to share (CTS) is written or verbal authorisation which allows us to provide account information, with the exception of your bank details, to a third party you have nominated.

How do you set up consent to share for someone?

Write to us at the address below providing the following:

  • your (the student’s) Customer Reference Number, name and address
  • their full name
  • their full address, including post code
  • their date of birth
  • their relationship to you
  • a password that we will ask them for to verify who they are. Make sure they know what it is
  • a date specifying when this consent to share is valid until (or if it’s indefinite)

If the third party is a person from a university/college (HEI) or organisation we will ask the student to provide:

  • The name of the HEI or organisation.
  • A password – no information will be given unless this is confirmed by the third party.
  • A date specifying when the consent to share should expire or, to confirm if it’s indefinite.

There can be a maximum of two named third parties on any one account. Consent to share can be given by calling our customer support centre on 0300 200 4050 or by writing to Student Finance Wales at the following address:

Student Finance Wales
c/o Student Loans Company Ltd
11 Carnegie Road
G52 4WH
Fax: 0141 306 2005

The student can also provide this information by calling us on 0300 200 4050.

Calling Student Finance Wales if you have consent to share

Each time you contact Student Finance Wales by phone, you will need to give:

  • the student’s Customer Reference Number and name
  • your full name
  • your full address, including post code
  • your date of birth
  • your relationship to the student
  • the password the student chose and gave to you.

Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney is an official legal document that allows you to grant attorney to a third party to release or update information relating to your account.

To grant a person Power of Attorney, you need to fill in a form giving their name, the specific period for which they can act on your behalf, and the specific tasks that they can perform.

The person holding Power of Attorney will need to confirm their details before any information is released to them.

You should contact Student Finance Wales on 0300 200 4050 for further information about Power of Attorney.

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