Student finance explained 19/20

Film description: Wondering what loans and grants you might be able to get from Student Finance Wales? We’ve put together a video to provide a quick and easy explanation.

Thinking of going to uni or college? You’ll have two main costs – tuition fees and living costs. We’re here to help you with both, so you can focus on getting the most out of your studies.

You can get a loan to cover the full cost of your tuition fees, which means you won’t have to pay them up front. You can also get a mix of grants and loans equal to the National Living Wage to help with your living costs while you study.

The amount of grant you get will normally depend on your parents’ income and where you choose to live and study – but all full-time students will get a grant of at least one thousand pounds.

You’ll have to repay any loan you borrow, but not until you’ve finished or left your course. How much you repay each month will depend on your income, not how much you borrowed.

You’ll be charged interest from the day we make your first payment to you or to your uni or college until your loan is repaid in full or cancelled.

On screen: Interest is applied from the day we make your first payment to you or to your uni or college. Loans are cancelled after 30 years.

There's also extra help if you have a disability, including a long-term health condition, mental-health condition or specific learning difficulty, or if you have children or an adult who depends on you financially.

On screen: For helpful tools and guides visit: the Student Finance Wales website, the SFW Facebook account, the SFW Twitter account, the SFW YouTube channel.

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