How does household income affect an application?

If the student has asked to be income assessed we’ll use the total taxable household income to determine the level of grant the student is entitled to as part of their Postgraduate Master’s Finance application. Household income is the combined total income of the student and the parents or partner that they live with.

If you don’t provide details of your household income the student will only be entitled to a maximum grant of £1,000 and loan of £16,489.

If your household income drops by 15% or more

When the student applies for finance based on household income, you need to provide your financial information for a particular tax year.

If your total household income has dropped by at least 15% since the tax year we ask about on the application, you can apply to be assessed based on the current tax year instead. You can also apply for a current year income assessment if your income changes during the academic year while the student is studying.

To download a Current Year Income Assessment Form go to Forms and Evidence

Academic year the student is applying for

Tax year we need actual income details for

Tax year we need estimated income details for if your total household income has dropped by at least 15%




At the end of the tax year you’ve provided estimated income details for we’ll contact you to ask for evidence of your income for that tax year.

Who counts as a member of the household?

If you’re the parent of a student and the student normally lives with you, the following rules apply:

  • If you’re separated or divorced, your income counts towards the household income but the income of the student's other natural parent does not.
  • If you re-marry or start to live with a partner before the start of the academic year, your spouse/partner’s income will be taken into account even though you may not have been living with one another during the tax year we ask about.

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