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Returning Students

If you got WGLG FE last year you don’t have to complete another application form this year, we’ll send you a letter about your Welsh Government Learning Grant FE for 2020 to 2021.

Are you dependent or independent?

If we’ve told you in your letter that we now consider you to be independent it is because you meet one or more of the following statements:

  • You’re aged 25 or over
  • You’re responsible for a child
  • You have financially supported yourself for more than 3 years
  • You live apart from your parents and have no contact with them, and you are not living under Local Authority care
  • You live under Local Authority care, for example with foster parents
  • You are, or have been, married or in a civil partnership

(If none of the statements apply to you, we still consider you to be a dependent student.)

Independent students

You must provide estimates of your expected income for academic year 2020 to 2021.

Your partner (if you have one) must provide details of their income for tax year 2018 to 2019 (6 April 2018 to 5 April 2019).

Annual household income Part-time (275 – 499 hours) Full-time (500+ hours)

Up to £6,120



£6,121 - £12,235



£12,236 - £18,370



£18,371 and above



If you need to send us evidence

If you've received a letter from us asking you to send in evidence, use these guides to help work out what you should send.

Please ensure that you check all the details on it are correct. If you need to change anything please call the customer services team immediately on 0300 200 4050.

If all the information on the letter is correct the next thing you need to do is sign your WGLG FE Agreement when you return to school or college.

  • You must sign your WGLG FE Agreement within 9 months of starting your course to be entitled to your Welsh Government Learning Grant FE payments.
  • You must meet the attendance rules and objectives of your WGLG FE Agreement as set by your college in order for you to receive your Welsh Government Learning Grant FE payments.
  • Your college must confirm your attendance to us in order for you to receive your Welsh Government Learning Grant FE payments.

If you’ve not received any letters from us by the end of June 2020 please call the customer services team on 0300 200 4050.

How much can I get?

You can get up to £1,500 for a full-time course or up to £750 for a part-time course, depending on your household income.

What if my circumstances change?

If your circumstances change during the year you should call us on 0300 200 4050.

What counts as a Change of Circumstance?

You should tell us if any of the following changes happen to you during the year:

  • you're now responsible for a child
  • you're now living under Local Authority Care
  • there is a new young person in the household that you're responsible for.
  • you're now financially supporting yourself with:
    • Employment/Self Employment earnings
    • Taxable Benefits
    • Income Support/Income Related Employment and Support Allowance, Universal Credit in your own name

There has been a permanent drop in household income because:

  • your parents have separated or divorced
  • one or both of your parents are deceased
  • one or both of your parents are now disabled
  • your household earnings or benefits have recently changed

When should I tell you about a change of circumstances?

You should apply as soon as your circumstances have changed, at the very latest you must tell us by the 31st August 2021.

If your change of circumstance is due to a deceased parent /partner, the birth of a child or a new sibling, the change of circumstance will apply from the date the change of circumstances occurred.

Any revised award due to a reduction in household income shall only apply from the date that the Change of Circumstance form is received.

How do I get a Change of Circumstance form?

You can get this form by calling the customer service team on 0300 200 4050.

Financial evidence check

If your application is approved for academic year 2020 to 2021, we may write to you and ask you to send us financial evidence to support the information you provided on your application.

You must return all requested financial evidence by 30 November 2020 or your payments will be blocked.

If you do not provide financial evidence by 31 January 2021 you will be rejected from the scheme.

You can find a list of acceptable financial evidence types in this section:

What evidence do I need to provide?

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