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Welsh Government Learning Grant Further Education

What is Welsh Government Learning Grant FE?

The Welsh Government Learning Grant FE is an income-assessed grant of up to £1,500 that aims to encourage more people to continue with their education, where otherwise this may not be possible.

What do I need to do?

If the student is dependent on you, you will need to submit information and evidence about your income on the application form. The higher income from you or the student will be used to assess the student’s entitlement. This means we will also ask the student for their financial details.

We will need your details if you are the student’s:

  • Parent;
  • Adoptive parent;
  • Step-parent; or
  • Mother's or father's partner.

People who do not need to provide any information or evidence to support the application are:

  • Any adult brothers or sisters of the student, living in the same household as the student; or
  • Any parent or step-parent who does not normally live in the same household as the student (even if they make maintenance payments).

If the student is independent you will not need to supply any information. More details about how we decide a student’s dependency status can be found in the student section:

What evidence do I need to send in for Welsh Government Learning Grant FE?

You must provide evidence of your household income for the prior tax year. If the student lives independently of you they must provide evidence of their own household income.

The application guidance notes provides more information about the types of evidence you can submit to support the student’s application for Welsh Government Learning Grant FE.

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