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How much can I get?

If you’re new to EMA in 2018/19 you could get £30 a week, paid every two weeks, depending on your household income.

If you got EMA last year, go to this section for more information:

What is household income?

We use your household income to work out if you are entitled to EMA.

If you depend financially on your parents you are considered a dependent student. Your household income is the income of your parents. If you work part-time, we do not count this income as part of your household income.

You will be considered an independent student if you:

  • Live apart from your parents and have no contact with them, and you are not living under Local Authority care;
  • Live under Local Authority care, for example with foster parents;
  • Receive income support or universal credit in your own name;
  • Are responsible for a child;
  • Are classed as a young person in custody; or
  • Are employed and living with a partner

Household income thresholds

There are two different household income thresholds. We use your family circumstances to decide which one applies to you.

Household IncomeNo of Dependent ChildrenAward
£0-£20,817 1 £30
£20,818+ 1 £0
£0-£23,077 2+ £30

If your household income is £23,078 or more you won’t be eligible for EMA.

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