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How and when to apply

If you’re an EU student applying for help with tuition fees only, follow these steps:

  • complete your application within 9 months of your course start date
  • send your application form to Student Finances Services
  • if needed, include any evidence with your application – for example, proof of identity.

Full-time courses

The form you need to apply for a Tuition Fee Loan as a full-time EU student depends on whether you’re a new student or a continuing student.

New full-time students

All new students need to complete the main application form.

All new students will have to send evidence to prove their identity. You may also need to send evidence of your household income and marital status.

New students should also use the certifier checklist to provide the details of the person who is certifying your evidence. This should be returned with the relevant completed EU18N or EU19N form

Continuing full-time students

Continuing students may need to complete the EUPR1a form.

The EUPR1a form is for EU students studying in Wales only.

Change of circumstances

If your course, income or family circumstances change this can affect what you're entitled to and we need to know. You can do this using form EUCO1.

Part-time courses starting in academic year 2018/19

The correct form to complete and return depends on if you are a:

New students

Complete the application form and return it to Student Finance Services

Make sure you sign and date the declaration.

All new students will also have to send evidence to prove their identity.

Continuing students

For courses which started on or after 1 September 2014

Complete the application form and return it to Student Finance Services

Make sure you sign and date the declaration.

For courses which started before 1 September 2014

Forms will be available from July 2018.


If your application form is returned more than 9 months from the start of your academic year it won’t be processed, and you may lose your full entitlement to student finance.

Check with your university or college when your academic year starts as it’s not necessarily the first day you begin that year of your course. It is decided by the period during which your year begins.

The academic year starts on:

  • 1 September, if your study begins between 1 August and 31 December inclusive;
  • 1 January, if your study begins between 1 January and 31 March inclusive;
  • 1 April, if your study begins between 1 April and 30 June inclusive; or
  • 1 July otherwise.

Where to send your application form

Send your application form to:

Student Finance Services
Student Loans Company
PO Box 89
County Durham
United Kingdom

What happens after you’ve sent your application?

Student Finance Services will:

  • confirm your application has been received
  • work out how much (if anything) you’ll get
  • write to you confirming how much you’ll get
  • pay the money directly to your university or college.

If you’re unhappy with the result of your application

It may be possible to have your application re-assessed. Contact Student Finance Services

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