Tuition Fee Loan

If you’re a new part-time student or a part-time distance learning student (including the Open University) you could get a Tuition Fee Loan to help pay for your tuition fees.

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How much can you get?

Your study locationMaximum Tuition Fee Loan available in 2017/18Maximum Tuition Fee Loan available in 2016/17

If you're at a Welsh university or college or studying at the Open University



If you're at a UK university or college outside Wales



If you're at a privately funded UK university or college outside Wales



If the tuition fee charged by your university or college is more than the Tuition Fee Loan available, then you’ll have to fund the difference yourself (this may be the case for a privately funded university or college).
You must also be studying an average course intensity of at least 25% to get a Tuition Fee Loan.

How's it paid?

We pay the Tuition Fee Loan directly to your university or college in three instalments within the academic year. The first payment of the Tuition Fee Loan is made after we receive confirmation from your university or college that you’re in attendance on your course.


You must repay your Tuition Fee Loan including any interest. Interest is added to your loan balance from the day the first loan payment is made to your university or college.

You can get more information on the repayment of your student loan from the following guide.

How to apply

Apply online

The quickest and simplest way to apply is online.

There are four steps to applying online:

  1. If you don’t already have a Student Finance account, you’ll need to create an account
  2. Login to your Student Finance account and submit your application
  3. Provide us with any necessary evidence
  4. Sign and return the Online Declaration Form

Paper application

Although we recommend applying online, we still have a paper application available if you need one. Visit our Useful forms page to download forms and guidance notes.

Other forms

If you or your partner receive certain state benefits and are unable to send evidence to confirm these with your application, you’ll also need to complete this form:

If you need to tell us about any change in your circumstances through the year, for example a change in your course or the university or college you’re attending, you’ll need to complete this form:

If you need to change the amount of Tuition Fee Loan you’ve requested, you’ll need to complete this form:

Useful guides

We’ve produced a quick guide that explains the key facts about the loans available to part-time students.

This guide provides information about the financial support available to part-time students in 2016/17.

You can also view our film.

Loans for part-time study

If you’re a new or continuing part-time student who started your course on or after 1 September 2014, watch our film to find out what help you can get while you’re at uni or college.

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