Course Grant

If you’re a new part-time or a part-time distance learning student (including the Open University) starting your course in academic year 2015/16, you could get a Course Grant to help with course related costs such as books and travel. The Course Grant doesn’t need to be paid back.

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How much can you get?

You could get a Course Grant of up to £1,155.

How much you get is based on your income (and your partner’s income if applicable):

Household Income:Amount of Course Grant:
Less than £26,095 Maximum Course Grant of £1,155
£26,095 to £28,180 Partial Course Grant (at least £50)
More than £28,180 No Course Grant

You must also be studying at an average course intensity of at least 50% to get a Course Grant. Find out more about course intensity in the Tuition Fee Loan section.

How’s it paid?

The Course Grant is paid in one lump sum directly into your bank account at the start of term. For this to happen you need to register on your course and your university or college confirm that you’re in attendance.

How to apply and other forms

You can apply for the Course Grant and Tuition Fee Loan by completing the:

There are also accompanying notes for the PTL1 form (PDF 186KB) to help you complete it.

If you or your partner receive certain state benefits and are unable to send evidence to confirm these with your application, you’ll also need to complete this form:

If you need to tell us about any change in your circumstances through the year, for example a change in your course or the university or college you’re attending, you’ll need to complete this form:

Useful guides

We’ve produced a quick guide that explains the key facts about the loans available to part-time students in 2015/16.

This guide provides information about the financial support available to part-time students in 2015/16.

You can also view our film.

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