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Welsh Bursary Scheme

Bursaries are extra financial help available from your university or college.

Do you qualify?

You can only receive a Welsh National Bursary if you’re:

  • a continuing full-time student who started in 2010/11 and are studying in Wales
  • paying the full tuition fee amount of £3,465; and
  • receiving the full amount of Welsh Government Learning Grant or Special Support Grant.

How much can you get?

The minimum available for 2016/17 and 2017/18 is £347 but you may get more. Your university or college can provide more information on the exact amount of bursary available.

Students who started in academic year 2011/12 and later

The Welsh National Bursary was integrated into the Welsh Government Learning Grant or Special Support Grant. Therefore, you won’t be eligible to receive a separate bursary unless you were a gap-year student in 2011/12. However your university or college can continue to pay their own institutional awards.

How do you apply?

When you apply for student finance, you must make sure that you and anyone supporting your application allows consent for us to share your application information for bursary and scholarship purposes.

We will assume you'll give your consent unless you opt out. If you do opt out then you won’t be automatically assessed for any bursaries that you may be entitled to.

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