Before students can receive any funding for their higher education course, there are certain criteria that they will need to meet.

Where they live

The student must:

  • have been living in the UK, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man for the three years immediately before this date; or
  • be ‘ordinarily’ resident in Wales; or
  • meet the requirements of one of the other UK residency categories listed in the appropriate Regulation such as a refugee living in the UK.

Additionally, the student must not have moved to Wales solely for the purposes of education.

Their course

Their course must lead to a qualification in one of the following:

  • First Degree eg Bachelor of Arts, Science or Education (BA, BSc or BEd)
  • Foundation Degree
  • Certificate of Higher Education
  • Diploma of Higher Education (DipHE)
  • Higher National Certificate (HNC)
  • Higher National Diploma (HND)
  • a Postgraduate Certificate of Education (PGCE)
  • Initial Teacher Education (ITE).

Their university or college 

Students must be studying a designated course at a publicly-funded university or college, unless they are studying a specifically designated course at a private university or college.

Private universities and colleges can set their own tuition fee level and there is no restriction on the amount they can charge. A course at a private university or college needs to have been specifically designated by the Welsh Government in order to attract student support.

Their age

To qualify for a Maintenance Loan students need to be under the age of 60 when they start their course.

There's no upper age limit to qualify for grants or a Tuition Fee Loan.

The rules around eligibility can be complex, so if the student has special circumstances and you’re not sure if they qualify, you can contact us to discuss this further.

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