Financial support available

The Postgraduate Loan will be paid directly to the student as a contribution towards their course and living costs. The maximum available will be £10,280 per course; the amount they get per year depends on the length of their course.

Course length academic years

Maximum Postgraduate Loan available

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4















Postgraduate Loans are not based on household income.

Getting paid

Payments will be made to the student in three instalments of 33%, 33% and 34% for each academic year. For example, if the student is studying a one year full-time course, they will get £10,280 paid to them over three instalments; the first and second instalment would be £3,392.40, and the third instalment would be £3,495.20.

Disabled Students’ Allowances

Students may be able to get Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSAs) if they have a disability, including a long-term health condition, mental-health condition or specific learning difficulty. DSAs are grants to help pay the essential extra costs students may have as a direct result of their disability.

The maximum DSAs available for postgraduate students is a single allowance of £10,590. This will be less if they study part-time. They don’t have to apply for a Postgraduate Loan to receive this additional support.

Students won’t be able to get Dependants’ Grants such as Adult Dependants’ Grant, Parents’ Learning Allowance and Childcare Grant.

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