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Extra support

All 2017/18 figures are subject to approval by the National Assembly for Wales.

Childcare Grant

Students can receive a Childcare Grant towards the cost of their childcare if they have children in registered and approved childcare.

In academic year 2016/17 and 2017/18 the student can receive up to 85% of childcare costs up to a maximum of:

  • £161.50 a week for one child
  • £274.55 a week for two or more children.

If the student doesn’t have a childcare provider at the time they apply, Childcare Grant will be capped at £115 per week or 85% of actual costs, whichever is lower. A reassessment will be carried out once they supply childcare provider details.

They won’t qualify for this grant if either the student or their partner claims the childcare element of Working Tax Credit, Universal Credit, Tax-free Childcare from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) or NHS funded childcare grants.

Their entitlement to Childcare Grant depends on their income, that of their partner, children and any other dependants.

Parents’ Learning Allowance

Parents’ Learning Allowance (PLA) is extra help intended to cover course-related costs, such as books, course materials and travel.

Students can only apply for PLA if they have one or more children that are dependent on them, regardless of their age.

The amount of PLA available depends on the student’s income and that of their partner and any other dependants.

In academic year 2016/17 and 2017/18 the student can receive Parents’ Learning Allowance of up to £1,557.

Adult Dependants’ Grant

Adult Dependants’ Grant (ADG) is for students that have a partner or another adult that is financially dependent on them.

In academic year 2016/17 and 2017/18 the student can receive Adult Dependants’ Grant of up to £2,732.

Anything else you should know?

If the students’ child or other adult dependants’ income will be at least 15% less than it was in tax year 2015-16 they can apply for a current year income assessment. This means we would use their expected income for tax year 2017-18 instead of their actual income for tax year 2015-16 when working out their grant entitlement. If the student wants to be assessed using expected income for tax year 2017-18 they need to send a letter with their application form informing us of this.

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