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How to support a full-time student’s application

If you’re supporting a full-time student’s application you can normally submit your details online.

If you’re a parent or partner of a new full-time student you need to register online – this only takes a few minutes. You can do this by following the create an account link from the login page.

You’ll be given a unique Customer Reference Number (CRN) – you must make sure you take a note of this as you’ll need it for the duration of the student’s course.

When you register you’ll also be asked for an email address. We recommend you use your personal email address, not a work email address. You can use your email address/CRN to log in and provide your information in support of the student’s application for student finance.

If you are a parent/partner of a continuing student, you don’t need to register again. You just need to log in using either your CRN or email address.

Paper applications

Although we recommend applying online, we still have paper applications available if you need one. If you need a paper application please contact us.

Additional forms and guides you may need

Complete this form if you didn’t sign the paper application form when the student applied for finance:

If you have been asked to provide financial information in support of an application and completed a paper tax return, you may find the following guide useful.

Deadline dates

The deadline date for new full-time students applying for finance in academic year 2017/18 is 12 May 2017.

The deadline date for continuing full-time students applying for finance in academic year 2017/18 is 9 June 2017.

You can still supply your income details after this date it just means that the student isn’t guaranteed to have money paid into their bank account for the start of term.

Final cut-off date for applications

Students can apply up to 9 months after the start of their course. If you supply your income details after this date, then there is no guarantee the student will receive any funding.

Getting permission to access a student’s account information

Student Finance Wales is bound by the Data Protection Act, which means we can’t discuss any aspect of a student’s account or application with anyone other than the student without their permission. This includes parents and partners of students.

If you need to access a student’s account information the student will need to give us their consent to share information.

More details about how the student can set this up can be found here:

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