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NHS bursary

If you’re on a course which leads to a qualification in medicine, dentistry or healthcare then you might be able to get a bursary from the National Health Service (NHS).

If you’re a student studying an NHS funded course you can get a maximum of:

  • £1,000 non-means tested NHS grant;
  • £4,395 means tested NHS bursary;
  • £3,583 reduced rate Maintenance Loan from Student Finance Wales.

Tuition fees

Fees will be dealt with directly by the NHS; there will be no fee support from Student Finance Wales.

How is it paid?

The NHS Bursary is a yearly payment to help with living costs. It’s paid directly to you and it doesn’t need to be paid back.

The NHS Bursary is assessed and paid by the NHS Bursary Scheme and not Student Finance Wales.

Who to contact for more information about NHS Bursaries:

The (NHS) Wales Student Awards Unit provides NHS Bursaries to students in Wales.

Visit their website to find out further information or call them on 029 2019 6167.

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